Setting the default phone number for a Contact

(Note: This option is only available in pre-WM5 Pocket PCs.) The built-in Contacts applications displays the work phone number of a contact as the default phone number on the main screen when you are viewing the list of all the contacts. If you want, you can change the default phone number that is displayed with the contact name on the main screen. To change it, tap on the single alphabet letter that appears next to the phone number of the contact in the Contacts list. The letter is usually w (that corresponds to the work phone), but can also be h, m, c, r, or e (that correspond to home, mobile, car, radio phone, or e-mail address respectively). When you tap on the single letter, a drop-down menu will list all the phone numbers and e-mail addresses that you have entered for that contact. The default listing for the contact will have a bullet in front of it. You can tap on any phone number or e-mail address in the drop-down list to make that the default listing for that contact.

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