Start a program automatically after a soft reset

If you want a program to start automatically on your Windows Mobile device after you do a soft reset, all you have to do is paste the program shortcut into your “StartUp” folder.
Open File Explorer (or File Manager) and navigate to the program that you want. Copy the program and navigate to the StartUp folder (under My Device\Windows). Paste the program in StartUp. The next time you soft reset your device, the program will automatically launch.
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Another way to do this

This did not work with the OZ Plugin for Instant Messaging on AT&T devices. Instead, I had to create a shortcut using the Explore Pocket PC function in ActiveSync and copy the shortcut to the Startup folder. To do that, I opened AS, chose Explore Pocket PC, went to the Programs folder then to the OZ folder, and then right-clicked the application executable and selected Create Shortcut. Then right click the shortcut, choose cut, navigate to the Startup folder, and choose Paste.

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