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Smartphone & Pocket PC and editorial mission: To help individual and business users of Windows Mobile devices increase their effectiveness and enjoyment, and to support all those who grow the Windows Mobile platform.

NOTE: "" and "" refer to this same Smartphone & Pocket PC web site. The print edition of Smartphone & Pocket PC is no longer being published. However, the web site and E-mail newsletters are quite active. iPhone Life is being published and has an active web site. We have an article about getting publicity for your iPhone product also.

We value the time and commitment that are required of developers to create useful Smartphone and Pocket PC software and accessories. We understand the challenges associated with marketing them. What follows is a summary of formal and informal ways product information and articles get published in our magazine, on our Web site, and in our e-mail newsletters.

Bottom line: As you will see we offer a myriad of ways for you to receive publicity. They can be summarized as follows:

  1. Submit your Windows Mobile related software, service, or accessory in the Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories
  2. Interest one of our writers or expert bloggers in your product
  3. Advertise at or in E-mail newsletters. Contact: marge [at] thaddeus [dot] com (subject:">Marge Enright </a>or <a href: "mailto:noah [at] thaddeus [dot] com) (Noah Ouellette). Both at 641-472-6330 

1. Enter your product in our Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories

Smartphone & Pocket PC maintains a database of Windows Mobile software, accessories, and services. This database is used in many ways to help publicize your products, including:

This service is FREE. Windows Mobile vendors are strongly encouraged to keep their information current. Once information is entered or updated, it usually takes a few days for us to edit and approve the listing before it gets displayed in the Encyclopedia.

2. Get reviewed on our expert blog site

Since its founding in 1985, the philosophy governing publisher Thaddeus Computing has been that the true experts are the individual and enterprise users of the device we write about. Therefore, the main duty of our editorial staff is to solicit useful and interesting material from end users. To accomplish that end we have assembled an outstanding team of volunteer Windows Mobile expert users from around the world, who review products for the Smartphone & Pocket PC on-line expert blog site. (See contact Information at the bottom of this page)

Our expert bloggers post without intermediary as they find items of interest. Therefore, the best way to have your product reviewed is to interest one of our experts. You will find the list of experts at the end of this document.

Please note that there are many thousands of Windows Mobile products – a significant percentage quite good and worthy of review. However, it is simply not possible to review each and every product that deserves review. We appreciate your understanding.

3. Advertise

Advertising lets you communicate your message the way you want it told as often as you like. Advertising works. Repetition is the key to advertising.

Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine on-line has a wide of banner and E-mail newssletter options. To advertise at or in E-mail newsletters. Contact: marge [at] thaddeus [dot] com (subject:">Marge Enright </a>or <a href: "mailto:noah [at] thaddeus [dot] com) (Noah Ouellette). Both are at 641-472-6330 

Other ways of receiving publicity

Linking to our magazine archives and blogs

If your software or accessory was reviewed in the magazine or blogs, feel free to use one of these icons and link to our archive or blog site.

PDF’s and reprints are available for purchase. For any permission question, E-mail Hal Goldstein.

Regular Contributors to Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine and its on-line expert blog site

In-house editorial and production staff

  • Hal Goldstein, Publisher / Exec Editor / Founder, writes a regular column in which he sometimes reviews products. He also leads the weekly editorial staff meeting during which the content of each issue evolves. He is in charge of the annual Best Software awards and blogs.

  • Rich Hall, Managing Editor, is responsible for soliciting and editing all material. He sometimes writes reviews, mostly on hardware.

  • Nathan Clevenger,, Enterprise Editor, is responsible for soliciting and editing the Enterprise section. He occasionally writes reviews.

  • Dan Hart, Associate Editor, assists Rich Hall in editing content for the magazine. He serves as the Tips and At-A-Glance editor (Pocket PC/Smartphone comparison chart). He edits the weekly E-mail newsletters. He edits incoming submissions for VIP and Encyclopedia.

  • Noah Ouellette, New Products Editor, is responsible for the New Products Section for the magazine. He maintains the Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories, approving incoming submissions. He also selects the weekly “Hot Download” and monthly “Editor’s Hardware Pick” at and writes the weekly New Products E-mail newsletter. He blogs and writes for the magazine on occasions.

  • Jim Karpen, Best Sites Editor, writes about what’s happening in the world of Windows Mobile Web sites. He writes a column in the magazine and a weekly E-mail newsletter.

  • Marco Carrera, Web Developer, is responsible for maintaining and improving the infrastructure of

  • Al Constantineau, Art Director, lays out issue.

  • George Foster,, designs the cover of the magazine.

  • Wayne Kneeskern, Copy Editor, checks for magazine accuracy, clarity, and grammar and handles production issues with the printer.

  • Advertising sales through Ascend Media: Contact:
    Companies A-O - Suzee Dittberner, 913-344-1352
    Companies P-Z - Rebecca Jones, 913-344-1392

Volunteer magazine and blog contributors not employed by Thaddeus Computing


(To get any idea of topics they write about, search our archives on their name. Dan, Tim, Alan Eric and Ed also blog.)

  • Dan Hanttula, reviews software and accessories and is regular blogger.

  • Chris De Herrera, writes Enterprise articles.

  • Tim Hillebrand, reviews software and accessories and is a regular blogger.

  • Alan Zaks, is an expert on Windows Mobile devices and other products, and assists Dan Hart with the At-a-Glance section

  • Eric Pankoke, writes regular games column for the magazine (Allen Gal, allen [at] pocketpcmag [dot] com ( allen [at] pocketpcmag [dot] com), is the Games Editor the weekly E-mail column)

  • Ed Zabrek, is the Medical Editor for the magazine. He also reviews products.

  • Myron Swartz, heads a team of volunteer experts responsible for the evaluation of GPS software




An explanation of how our annual Best Software Awards functions and a list of judges can be found at

Company Background

Thaddeus Computing, publisher of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine, has been supporting the mobile computing market with publications since 1985 from Fairfield, Iowa, USA. In addition to the magazine, Thaddeus Computing buys and sells used Windows CE-based handhelds, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones at, and supports HP 200LX Palmtop users with a variety of products and services at Thaddeus Computing has a staff of 20, who handle editorial, circulation, newsstand, advertising, layout, production, customer service, used handhelds accounting and fulfillment. See for links to all our Web sites.

The buck stops here

I (Hal Goldstein, owner and CEO) am ultimately responsible for the strengths and weaknesses of Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine. Feel free to contact me with your concerns, praise, or suggestions at hal [at] thaddeus [dot] com .