Upgrade or switch network?

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Upgrade or Switch Network

With technology moving so quickly in the mobile phone world it’s not surprising that by the time a contract is up a handset that was new at the beginning of the contract seems quite dated by the end of it. Mobile phone companies offer various upgrade deals in a bid to get customers to extend their contract for longer, or may require them to sign a new one. But is it perhaps time to look elsewhere? The market changes quickly and just because one company was the cheapest a year ago, it may not be the case now, whatever shiny new handset they are offering to throw your way.

It is worth considering how much you want to own the latest handset. An upgrade will give you this if you want it, but you may have to sign on for another long period. The cheaper packages will get you a decent handset included in the contract, or perhaps the best phone if the contract is long enough. But generally it is only the more expensive plans that come with the latest smart phones and such. If you really want to keep up to date with technology, the more expensive plans will help you do that. The other benefit of upgrading is that it is much less hassle than switching networks: you won’t have to port your old number, create new payment arrangements or wait for activation. Some companies allow early upgrades, such as Vodafone, who let existing customers upgrade to the latest mobile phone up to 70 days prior to the end of their contract. Visit their site for more info on mobiles, including the HTC.

Choosing the right plan is a case of looking at your mobile usage over the course of the contract, and deciding what balance of minutes to messages you need. There are numerous combinations out there. It may be that a different company could offer the perfect combination for you, one that makes you decide that the hassle of switching network is well worth it. There is also a growing trend in exclusive handsets tied to single networks, for example the iPhone on O2 or the new HTC Magic on Vodafone. So it may be that the phone you really want is only available if you switch.

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